Schedule & Pricing


Progressive Series

7:00 - 8:00pm

  • $60 General Admission / $48 for Students & Sponsors

  • $20 for Individual Lesson / $15 for Students & Sponsors

Purchase of a progressive class includes admission to the evening social dance(s). No pre-registration is necessary.

Drop-In Lessons


  • Free Beginner's Lesson

  • Guided Practica: $5 Drop-In; Free for Students, Sponsors, and anyone in a Progressive Series



  • $9 General Admission / $7 for Students & Sponsors


April Progressive Classes

Beginner: 8 Count Basics

Learn the 8-count Lindy Hop basic, as well as some fun moves. No partner or experience necessary.

Taught by: Kati Arikoski-Johnson and Erin Reed

Intermediate: Swingout technique

This technique-driven class won’t have a lot of moves, but all your moves will get better as a result. Students should be able to swing out at 140+ bpm.

Taught by: Cari Westbrook, with Guest Instructors Bryan Soto & Rachel Pitner


Beginner lesson and guided practica

Beginner Lesson

Join us every week for a free beginner lesson! No partner or experience needed.

Guided Practica

A teacher will be on staff to help you work on your dancing during this time. This is less structured than a regular class and a great time to practice what you just learned in a progressive series.